Sunday Menu


Nibbly Bits

Peanut Hummus
Crostini £3 (Vg)
Stuffed Sweet Peppers
£5 (V, Gf)
Homemade Bread & Oil
£3 (V, Gf)
Marinated Olives
£5 (Vg, Gf)
‘Brindisa Alejandro’ £5 (Gf)
‘Milano’ £5 (Gf)

Sunday Roasts

All Roasts are Served with Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Cabbage, Leeks & Broccoli, Yorkshire Pudding & Proper Gravy

Beef Wellington
Mushroom Duxelles, Parma Ham, Puff Pastry £25
Breast, Leg, Rosemary & Garlic, Chicken Jus £20 (Ga)
Duo of Prok
Loin & Belly, Candied Apple Sauce, Crackling £22 (Ga)
Lentil & Nut Loaf
Vegetable Gravy £18 (Vga, Ga)

Sunday Extras

Cauliflower Cheese
For two to Share (Gf) £5
Pig in Blanket
(Gf) £3
Sage & Onion (Gf) £3
Extra Yorkie
(V) £1

The Skinny Pig

Pork Belly, Pork Loin, Ham, Pig in Blanket, Crackling, Stuffing, Roast Potatoes, All the Veg, Apple Sauce, Extra Yorkshire Pudding, Extra Gravy, Extra Napkin

Pub Classics

Fish 'n' Chips
Our Proper Chips, Minted Peas, Tartare Sauce (Gf) £18
Garden Peas, Skinny Fries, Tartare Sauce (Gf) £17
Beef Burger
Cheese & Bacon, Classic Burger Garnish, Skinny Fries (Ga) £17
Butternut Squash Curry
Chickpeas, Basmati Rice, Poppadom (Vg, Gf) £17
Veggie Lasagne
Tomato Sauce, Wild Rocket Salad, Garlic Gf Bread (V, Gf) £17

Homemade Puddings

Sticky Toffee
Ginger Toffee Sauce, Cardamon Ice Cream £8 (Gf, V)
Pineapple Brulee
Coconut Shortbread £8 (V, Gf)
Rhubarb Jam Roly Poly
Vanilla Custard, Chantilly Cream £8 (V)
Chocolate Brownie
Vanilla Ice Cream, Marsh Mellows £8 (V, Gf)
Affogato Fan Favourite
Moon Roast Espresso, Vanilla Ice Cream, Shortbread Biscuit £7 (V, Gf)

The Cheese Board

Artisan Biscuits, Quince Jelly, Grapes, Chutney, £14 (V, Ga)

Brie De Meaux
It’s name comes from the town of Meaux in the Brie region in France.
Sussex Charmer
Awarded Best British Cheddar at the prestigious Quality Food Awards
Brighton Blue
Covered in an attractive natural mould-ripened rustic rind
Rosary Goat
Dusted with edible charcoal. A full fat cheese with a clean fresh flavour and no goaty aftertaste


Local Coffee Roaster. We use Moon Shot Coffee Blend giving a well rounded & smooth espresso

Local Coffee
Dbl Espresso
Flat White
Tea Selection
Earl Grey
Green Tea

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